What This Is All About

So, I decided to blog about my progress as a web developer/designer and programmer… and just well…. my geekness. I think it will benefit me and possibly others.

Some Things To Know About Me

I really enjoy networking computers together, trying to understand DNS servers, ethernet cables, routers, router settings, forwarding ports and all of that! It’s addicting!

I also enjoy programming and getting something to work. There is a great sense of accomplishment when after spending hours tying to figure something out to fix a bug or create something new. Then there is the digital ocean of knowledge to be explored. The internet is the largest collection of knowledge and thus the most expansive library. Thank you wikipedia and howtogeek and stack exchange and so many other websites out there that freely give away information.

Open source makes me a little excited inside. Being able to freely use information and then immediately put that information to work to push your project along is very stimulating.

Alright, enough blogging. On to coding! On to messing up and then messing up again and again until I figure it out!