Organizing My Programmable Life

Due to the fact that when you are a programmer you have practically unlimited potential projects to work on and things to learn, I want to become more organized. One way of accomplishing this outrageous goal is by making this blog, but also I am wanting to look for a program that helps me manage my projects, my to-do’s, etc.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a tech site where some of their projects use a program called Jira. Jira is a software development tool to help plan and track and prioritize tasks. I may delve further into that or I may just find and go with a free project management program. I mention the LDS church because I like their clean and fast website and apps. Plus, I like the LDS church. Great stuff.


Back to organizing my programmable life. Well, after researching the many popular project management systems, I decided to just go with the opensource one that appeared first in Github search results for “software project management”. It’s called Kanboard. Now, to installing it!

Kanboard runs using php. It uses a default database of SQLite, which apparently is serverless, meaning that everything is saved to disk to a file. However, I want to use mysql so that I can keep practicing with it. Next time I come accross the option for SQLite, I will go with that to check it out more.

Wow. I am liking this Kanboard. Apparently, the kanboard method was invented by someone at Toyota to help with work flow. I got it all set up and it seems really nice right off the bat.

I’m liking how more organized I feel even before getting back to work finally (I spent a large portionĀ of my day trying to find find a project management system, install it, and then set it up). It will be neat to be able to easily track all the work I’ve done throughout the next few months and then even years (if I keep using/liking Kanboard). No more tracking projects on a Google Doc haha!